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Meyers Research Center (MRC) is a full service, state of the art market research and strategic consulting firm, offering clients a wide variety of integrated services providing inventive solutions to complex marketing, advertising, product, strategic and sales issues.

For over 35 years, MRC has provided clients with quality research, actionable insights, service and support.

Headquartered in New York City, MRC specializes in a variety of quantitative and qualitative custom and syndicated market research including:

  • Shopper Insights: Purchase Decision Research, Consumer Decision Trees, Syndicated Studies (C-Store Close-Up, Dollar Store Close-Up), Shopper and Product Segmentation, Shopper Marketing
  • Observational Insights: Shop-A-Longs, Ethnographic Research, Mystery Shopping, Traffic Studies, Shadow Shopping Research
  • Retail Insights: Controlled Store Tests, Test Marketing, Matched Market Tests, Store Audits, Mystery Shopping, Trade Interviewing
  • Consumer Insights: Tracking Studies, Brand Awareness Studies, CSL Studies, A & U Studies, Brand Extension Testing, Advertising and Communication Studies, Sensory Testing, Product/Concept/Copy/Package Testing, Market Segmentation, Brand Equity Research, Market-Structure Research

Industry specializations include CPG such as Food and Beverages, Personal Care and Pharma/Healthcare, as well as Apparel, Cable and Network TV, Retail and Finance.

MRC utilizes state of the art technology (PDA, CAPI, CATI, Online, Eye Tracking, SmartPhone, Virtual) for data collection.


Shopper Insights, Observational Research, Consumer Insights, Retail Research, Trade Research, Quantitative Research, Qualitative Research, State-of-the-Art Technology