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Are Your Brands Fully Leveraging This Opportunity?

 Meyers Research Center’s New Syndicated Study

Membership Warehouse Club Close-Up

An In-Depth Look at

Attitudes, Behavior and Decision-Making Patterns

Among Warehouse Club Members

New York, NY, March, 2011 – Meyers Research Center (MRC) announcesthat it will field a primary research investigation into Membership Warehouse Club shopping this year.  Results will be available in Autumn, 2011.  Sponsors who get on board early have the opportunity to influence the research by adding a custom question at no extra cost.

 Syndicated is a cost-effective research alternative, designed to collect large amounts of primary information on a shared cost basis.  Corporate sponsors with actionable issues to investigate with respect to the Membership Warehouse Club channel can achieve these important shopper insights without the hassle of custom data collection and analysis. 

MRC will use a hybrid methodology to collect data on the Membership Warehouse Club shopping experience.  This will include an online in-depth survey, mobile interviewing and mystery shopping.  Both consumer and business members will be studied for their attitudes and decision-making patterns in Membership Warehouse Clubs

Results will be analyzed by consumer and business members, trip missions (grocery/consumables, hard goods and soft goods), as well as by major categories (as sample sizes permit).

Membership Warehouse Clubs have been winning over customers from other retail channels with value, managed assortments, packaging, timeliness and innovation.  The Membership Warehouse Club Close-Up Study will provide sponsors with deep and unique insights to help them position their products and brands within this channel.

 The Membership Warehouse Club Close-Up Study will profile shoppers in the areas of:   

  • Factors of importance in their channel/club selection;
  • Type and length of membership;
  • Cross-channel shopping habits (other shopping maintained or diminished with club membership);
  • Recent changes in shopping behavior, if any;
  • What triggers a trip to the club;
  • Trip missions (treasure hunt, hard goods, grocery, re-stocking trip, etc.);
  • Frequency;
  • Products purchased (market basket);
  • Underlying dynamics of product purchase decisions in the club;
    • When/How/Where/Why/Why Not purchase the product in club;
    • How value perceptions excite and drive purchase decisions;
    • The role of sampling in generating traffic, good will, demand and purchasing;
    • Influence of in-store and external factors;
    • Factors of importance on product decisions;
  • Attitudes toward and perceptions of membership warehouse club trip experience;
  • Demographics

Approximately 2,000 Warehouse Club members will be interviewed in-depth online after a recent shopping experienceMobile Interviewing and Mystery Shops will add to this knowledge by bringing into consideration actual in-store in-the-moment data collection.   

To receive more information or to discuss sponsorship options contact:

Jeff Friedlaender at 212.391.0166 (ext. 105), jfriedlaender@meyersresearch.com  

Lois Seidl at 212.391.0166 (ext.109), lseidl@meyersresearch.com

George Brown at 212.391.0166 (ext. 112), gbrown@meyersresearch.com