Take and in-depth look at behavior, attitudes and decision making patterns of Membership Warehouse Club Store Shoppers


The Membership Warehouse Club Close-Up is motivated by requests from clients for a shopper insights program in which both consumer and business members will be studied for their attitudes and decision-making patterns in Membership Warehouse Clubs. 

Meyers Research Center (“MRC”) uses a hybrid methodology to collect information on the Membership Warehouse Club shopping experience.  This includes an online in-depth survey, mobile interviewing and mystery shopping. 

Similar to MRC’s Convenience Store Close-Up, Dollar Store Close-Up, and Drug Store Close-Up programs, this data will furnish a powerful tool for shopper insights/category managers, channel and sales strategists and advertising/merchandising planners to position their brands within the chain Warehouse Club environment.

Study Objective

The research objective is to develop a detailed understanding of who the Warehouse Club members are, how / why they shop in this trade channel and the factors which influence their product purchase decisions in this environment.

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