Take An In-Depth Look At Factors That Drive Channel Selection, Loyalty and Switching


Meyers Research Center conducts numerous shopper studies at the category level for both manufacturers and retailers. But shopper behavior occurs in the context of shopping trips and in a landscape populated by many channels from which to choose. To study shopper behavior and related attitudes in the larger environment of all trips made, Meyers Research Center offers a cross-channel perspective.


In 2004, Meyers Research Center successfully launched the first wave of the Cross Channel Shopping study. Wave II was fielded in late 2006 and Wave III in 2008. Each wave seeks to extend its applicability, utility and value. This online shopper research program provides detailed and trended insights to support retail initiatives, in-store marketing and brand positioning within the complex retail environment.


Study Objectives


The primary objective of his syndicated study is to reveal how shoppers come to select different channels for purchases, as well as how they frequent and use the different outlet types. Category shopping may be captive to decisions about the type of trip a shopper wishes to make and the general shopping strategy adopted. Alternatively, some category objectives may drive the store trip and the shopping strategy. Over time, as stores evolve and economic conditions vary, shoppers may change the type of strategies they employ, sometimes seeking to trade up and at other times seeking out lower cost goods.