Routine purchases are now undergoing examination and some are being discarded.  This process is being performed by all income groups.

Value and uniqueness are recurring themes driving channel and store choices.  In this economy, value retailers are doing better.

Retailers are changing their selling strategy to become more targeted marketers.  They are developing profiles of their stores (and their shoppers) to allow them to customize the product mix—today you may find different products in different stores from the same chain (in the same market).

Many shoppers are driving less, eating out less and feel that their financial situation is deteriorating.  The rolling economic crisis has impacted all social strata so it’s not surprising that we are not seeing a lot of change in shopping behavior.

Not all consumers shop—–not all shoppers consume.

Despite the economy, many purchase decisions are still being made in the stores.  Shoppers are looking for stores to help them make these choices.  However, in-store clutter needs to be controlled before it negatively impacts shopping behaviors.

There are choices about where to shop and how frequently to shop.  Where do you shop in an unstable economy?